Inspire Diversity and Inclusion at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Our DE+I Mission & Vision

DE+I Mission and Vision Infographic - Beckman Coulter

Our Mission & Vision rest on four pillars that ensure we have the necessary support to empower, uplift and develop our most valuable assets: our global associates.

  • Communication & Awareness are crucial. We strive to communicate our DE+I philosophy widely, so every associate is aware of its importance.
  • Learning Development Resources are key to expanding our perspectives. We make an array of training materials available to associates and managers to help all of us understand each other better so we can create winning teams.
  • Accountability & KPIs reflect our Danaher Business System (DBS) approach to measuring our effectiveness. We monitor, assess and adjust our efforts as needed.
  • Community conveys our belief that all of us are associates of one company – but we’re also members of thousands of unique communities around the world. Our focus on the value of DE+I should not end when we reach the end our workday.

Together, these pillars reflect our goal to continuously improve and sustain an inclusive culture in which diversity provides deeper customer insights and creates a competitive advantage in the markets we serve. What’s more, studies support a strong correlation between diversity and inclusion with creativity, innovation, engagement and, ultimately, organic growth.

To help further foster this growth, we rely on some Guiding Principles of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging:

  • DIVERSITY is a fact; it reflects the representation—across our global organization—of multiple facets of diversity: race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, disability, veteran status and more.
  • INCLUSION is a choice or behavior; it is an intentional decision to create a space of collaboration, partnership and fellowship.
  • BELONGING is a feeling; it’s a sentiment felt by individual associates based on a culture that is purposefully created and reinforced.

We believe all employees deserve to be recognized for their individuality and humanity.

All associates should feel free to share their thoughts and ideas.

All associates should be afforded the same access to opportunities.

All associates should be able to bring their authentic selves to work every day.

Because that’s who they are. And it’s who we are.

If being passionate about inclusion and belonging is also who YOU are, join us!

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To learn more about DE+I at BEC LS, including how you can get involved, email our Office of DE+I at [email protected].