CytoFLEX Durchflusszytometer

Der CytoFLEX bietet die Vorteile eines großen Durchflusszytometers auf kleinstem Raum mit höchster Sensitivität und Genauigkeit. Die Messung von Blut- oder Kulturzellen, Bakterien, Algen, Hefen, Mikropartikeln usw. stellt für dieses kleine Zytometer in keiner seiner 21 Varianten eine Herausforderung dar. Bis zu 13 Fluoreszenzen können gleichzeitig aus 3 verschiedenen Anregungswellenlängen (405 nm, 488 nm, 638 nm) einfach und genau, sensitiv und reproduzierbar gemessen werden.


Sample handling

  • Semi-automatic Single Tube Loading with 12 x 75 mm or 1.2 mL tubes
  • Optional plate loader for 96-well plates
  • Volumetric measurements with continuous flow
  • Fluidics provide continuous flow and volumetric measurements integrated into compact footprint


  • Novel Compensation Library: store fluorescent spillover values of dyes to easily determine the correct compensation matrix with new gain settings
  • Absolute linear gain amplification enables the use of compensation settings between experiments and sample types

CytExpert Software

  • Heat Map Visualization of Plate Data
  • An API (Application Programming Interface) is available and allows external software to perform operations such as running methods and for basic control of the plate loader.
  • Three different installation modes are available, depending on the level of security required.
    • Default
    • For multiuser instruments, the User Management installation requires user login and contains features for role management
    • Electronic Records Management installation provides tools that facilitate compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures.

Sensitivity and resolution

  • Detect particles >200 nm using VSSC
  • APD detectors provide exceptional sensitivity across the entire visible spectrum

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Product Specifications

Detection Photodiodes
Resolution <300 nm particles (488 nm side scatter), <80 nm polystyrene particles (405 nm side scatter), rCV 3%
Performance <30 MESF for FITC, <10 MESF for PE
Optics/Laser Power 405 nm solid state laser (80 mW), 488 nm solid state laser (50 mW), 638 nm solid state laser (50 mW)
Flow Cell Patent-pending, alignment-free integrated optics quartz flow cell (420 μm x 180 μm ID) design with >1.3 numerical aperture
Signal Processing Digital system with 7-decade display
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


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