RoboLector Platform

The RoboLector XT system is an automated fermentation platform which combines the high-throughput fermentation and online monitoring capability of the BioLector XT microbioreactor with the precise and accurate liquid handling of a robotic system.

The RoboLector system autonomously prepares media compositions, among others, from the design of experiments (DoE) tests, followed by an online-monitored high-throughput cultivation.

Furthermore, pH adjustments can be made and inducers as well as feed solutions can be added to each cultivation well according to a pre-defined schedule or triggered by online process signals. Automated sampling into various targets including a cooling station facilitates optimal process monitoring and control.

Features of the RoboLector XL

Cultivation Modes

  • DO or time controlled feeding
  • Fed-batch with bolus feeding
  • Repeated fed-batch
  • Biomass dependent sampling or dosing
  • Time dependent sampling or dosing
  • pH adjustments

Online Trigger Signals

  • Biomass concentration
  • pH, DO (using optodes)
  • Fluorescent molecules (GFP, YFP, DsRed ...)
  • NAD(P)H and riboflavins
  • Process or induction time
  • Working volume


  • Automated upstream processing of up to 48 parallel cultivations
  • Continuous operation 24 hours/day and 7 days/week
  • Plug & Play disposable technology
  • Design of experiments (DoE)• Detailed process understanding in short time
  • Excellent pipetting accuracy (< 5 %, 50 - 950 μl) and reproducibility (CV < 5 %, 50 - 950 μl)
  • Reliable scale-up to lab-fermenters
  • Fast and easy data analysis
  • A valuable tool for PAT and QbD
  • Processing units possible (for custom made solutions1)


  • Automated sampling
  • Automated induction
  • Induction profiling
  • Synchronized process manipulation
  • pH profiling
  • Feeding profiling
  • Media preparation
  • Process characterization
  • High-throughput protein expression
  • Automated upstream processing with microbial cultures

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