Installation Services

In order to make sure your new instrument gets up and running efficiently, we offer expert installation and training services. This service takes the guesswork out of setup and provides peace of mind that you'll get the most out of it without disruption or downtime.

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Why installation services?

Proper installation and commissioning of a new instrument is critical for ensuring the quality of results. Expert installation service will help you save time and minimize disruptions in your lab.

Save time

With an expert installing your instrument, you will receive a seamless startup and reduce any potential downtime

Minimize disruptions

Experience a full integration into your unique environment with minimal disruptions to your space


Gain user confidence and familiarity from hands-on operator training with highly-trained service engineers

Documented Verification

Receive audit-ready documentation to meet the requirements of your environment

What's Included?

Physical Setup

Whether your new instrument is the size of a desktop or takes up most of a room, our expert setup ensures it's installed correctly and safely.

Software Installation

If your new instrument requires a software update, our experts will install it on your machines and ensure compatibility.

Routine Calibration

It's standard for any item that ships to go through routine calibration to make sure all of its moving parts are functioning correctly.

Instrument Integration to Your Site

Every new machine needs to be calibrated to its environment, and our installation process makes sure it's running at high efficiency.

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Installation Qualification Certification

Installation qualification, or IQ, is a documented verification process indicating that the instrument or piece of equipment has been properly delivered, installed and configured according to standards set by the manufacturer or by an approved installation checklist.

Operational Qualification Certification

Operational qualification is the next step in quality assurance and involves testing the equipment and making sure it performs as specified, within operating ranges as listed by the manufacturer. All aspects of the equipment receive individual testing and the tester documents the proper operation of each aspect.

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