SA 3100

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A complete solution for characterizing the surface of solid materials.

  • Single and Multipoint BET data and Langmuir Surface Area data
  • Complete Adsorption and Desorption Isotherm capability
  • B.J.H. Pore Size analysis
  • MP and T-Plot methods

Taking ease-of-use to a new level.

  • An innovative touch screen allows easy control of all instrument functions without the use of an external computer.
  • A completely integrated, fully automated system allows for true walk-away analysis.
  • Intuitive software prompts the user each step of the way.

Using the latest technology to achieve maximum speed of analysis.

  • Intelligent “Learn” function decreases analysis time of routine samples by referencing stored sample isotherms.
  • Novel sample tube design minimizes equilibration time.
  • Concurrent manifold dosing during sample equilibration eliminates unnecessary delays.

Combining versatility, accuracy and power for a complete solution.

  • A Sample Port, three degassing ports, a powerful CPU, vacuum pump and automated dewar lift are all integrated into a single unit.
  • Nitrogen, Argon or Krypton adsorbate gases can be used to meet your application needs.
  • Exceptional Accuracy is achieved by referencing the true saturation vapor pressure for each data point.

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