ViaKrome Fixable Viability Dyes

The ability to stain dead cells with a viability dye and preserve that staining pattern after fixation is critical for many flow cytometry applications. Exclusion of the dead cells from the data allows cleaner separation and identification of live cell populations. The ViaKrome Fixable Viability product line includes dyes excited by most common lasers and emit in common channels to provide researchers flexibility in panel design.


ViaKrome Fixable Viability Dye Features




  • Compatible with surface and intracellular staining
  • Range of dyes excitable by common lasers, provides flexibility for panel design
  • Includes 808 nm excitable dye freeing up the remaining visible spectrum for cell identification or experimental markers


  • Optimized staining concentration and incubation time tested on both cell culture and PBMC samples
  • QC criteria established with multiple lots and operators
  • Robust assay performance, less critical staining parameters

Easy to Use

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