ClearLLab Control Cells

Harness the power to fulfill certification guidelines for QC

ClearLLab Control Cells, a liquid preparation of stabilized human erythrocytes and leukocytes (lymphocytes monocytes and granulocytes), are the first application specific IVD controls cells for L&L* immunophenotyping. Two ClearLLab Control Cells are available, one with a normal phenotype and one with an abnormal phenotype. They are intended for use with the ClearLLab 10C panels.

You can use ClearLLab Control Cells to verify the accuracy/reproducibility of the steps involved in immunophenotyping, including:

  • Validating operator technique
  • Verifying:
    • Panel reagents
    • Sample prep (including RBC lyse)
    • Instrument settings

Replicating characteristics of clinical specimens (e.g., lysing, light scatter, antigen expression and antibody staining properties), ClearLLab Control Cells provide assay values for up to 27 markers currently available in the four ClearLLab 10C panels both for the normal and abnormal control.


* For Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma only

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