TA-14-50 Fixed-Angle Aluminum Rotor

Product No:368303

TA-14-50 Fixed-Angle Rotor (25 deg Angle), Aluminum. Major applications: Pelleting cells from large volumes, or cell particles from tissue homogenates. Short-column methods (such as partially filled tubes) may also be used to purify large quantities of virus in a cushion gradient. For use in the Allegra 25R centrifuge and discontinued TJ-25 centrifuge.

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Product Specifications

Platform Allegra
Rotor Type Fixed-Angle (General Purpose)
Angle 25
Maximum RPM 14,000 rpm
Max g-Force 21,100.00
k-Factor 1,380
Number of Tubes 8x50 mL / 29x104 mm(8x50 mL / 1x4 in)
Nominal Capacity 400 mL
rMAX 96
rMIN 33
rAV 64.5 mm
Materials Aluminum
Package Quantity 1

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