LS 13 320 XR Particle Size Analyzer

For big improvements that help you spot small differences.

The LS 13 320 XR offers best-in-class particle size distribution data from advanced PIDS technology,* which enables high-resolution measurements and an expanded dynamic range. Like the LS 13 320, the XR particle size analyzer provides fast, accurate results, and helps you streamline workflows to optimize efficiency. Some big improvements help you reliably spot small differences that can have a huge impact on your particle analysis data.

  • Direct measurement range from 10 nm – 3,500 µm
  • Automatically highlights pass/fail results for faster quality control
  • Enhanced software that simplifies method creation for standardized measurements
  • New control standards to adequately verify instrument/module performance

Documentation and Application Notes

LS 13 320 XR Particle Size Analyzer Features

Spot Small Differences

  • Expanded measurement range: 10 nm – 3,500 µm
  • Laser diffraction plus advanced Polarization Intensity Differential Scattering (PIDS) technology enable high-resolution measurement & reporting of real data down to 10 nm
  • Provides accurate, reliable detection of multiple particle sizes in a single sample

Easy-To-Use Software

  • ADAPT Software features automatic pass/fail check
  • Pre-configured methods deliver results with 3 clicks or less
  • Simplifies analyzer operation by experts & novice users alike
  • 1-click overlay with historical data
  • Intuitive user diagnostics keep you informed during sampling
  • Simplified method creation for standardized measurements

ADAPT Software enables 21 CFR Part 11

  • Customizable security system to meet diverse needs
  • Choose from 4 security levels
  • High-security configuration supports 21 CFR Part 11

PIDS Technology* for Direct Detection of 10 nm Particles

  • 3 light wavelengths (450, 600, & 900 nm) irradiate samples with vertical & horizontal polarized light
  • Analyzer measures scattered light from samples over a range of angles
  • Differences between horizontally & vertically radiated light for each wavelength yield high-resolution particle size distribution data

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LS 13 320 XR Particle Size Analyzer Specifications

Light Source Diffraction: Solid-state (780 nm) PIDS: Tungsten lamp with high-quality band-pass filters (450, 600 and 900 nm)
Particle Size Analysis Range 10 nm - 3,500 µm
Fluid Compatibility Emulsions, Suspensions, Powders
Reporting PDF, Excel
Item Specifications Referenced B98100

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