Simplify Your Windows 10 Upgrade

Windows 7 support ended on January 14, 2020

What does that mean for your lab?

Microsoft will no longer be providing software or security updates for Windows 7; they will also be discontinuing technical support and related services over time. Running Windows 7 after January 14, 2020 leaves you vulnerable to a data breach, data loss or a system failure.


Organizations running an outdated operating system on 50%+ of their systems are 3x more likely to experience a breach1


Globally, the average cost of a data breach is $3.9M in lost business2

279 Days

It can take an average of 279 days to identify and contain a breach2

11 Seconds

By 2021, experts predict ransomeware attacks occur, on average, every 11 seconds3

Minimize downtime with your Windows 10 migration—with our help

When you bring in our experts, expect minimal disruption during your upgrade.

During your Windows 10 migration, we’ll make sure your system is operating at peak performance by including these services:

Software Verification: We’ll upgrade you to the newest version of Windows 10 compatible software

System Verification: We’ll ensure that your software and system are performing and operating correctly

Re-Qualification: If available, to help meet GxP requirements, we’ll qualify that your system continues to operate to specification and provide documentation

Compatible Products

Biomek Users

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Vi-CELL MetaFLEX Users

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Vi-CELL XR Users

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For some instruments, this option may be available. Please visit the product-specific upgrade pages for detail. In general, performing the Windows 10 upgrade on your own or using an unauthorized computer to control your instrument increases the risks of getting unexpected instrument and software malfunctions which may not be covered by the instrument’s warranty or service plan. Some of these unexpected malfunctions may not be supportable as well.

Yes, you should. Many data storage devices such as a USB flash drive can carry and spread viruses and other malicious software which means your controller PC can still be vulnerable to security risks when it is not connected to a network or the internet.

Our goal is to offer you peace of mind with an all-inclusive Windows 10 upgrade solution for the specific Beckman Coulter instrument. We also want to ensure all instrument operations perform as designed after the upgrade. Therefore, the upgrade package varies by instrument. It’s important to note that not every older Beckman Coulter instrument has a Windows 10 upgrade path. Please visit the product-specific upgrade pages for detail.

Your existing Windows 7 (or older version like Windows XP) controller PC may still work with the instrument but, once again, the risks of a security breach and viral infection will be higher. In addition, the Windows 7 replacement PCs will become less and less available after Microsoft ends Windows 7 support.

A Windows 10 upgrade is considered a major change of your instrument which means the instrument will need to be re-qualified. If your instrument is covered under a service plan that includes OQ re-qualification (OQ Protective and OQ Comprehensive service plans, for example), simply contact your service representative after the Windows 10 upgrade for scheduling a re-qualification visit. If your instrument is not covered under a service plan or your service plan does not include OQ, we recommend adding a re-qualification service to your Windows 10 upgrade purchase so your instrument can stay OQ-qualified for meeting regulatory requirements.

It is a computer that controls your Beckman Coulter Life Sciences instrument.

Many Beckman Coulter Life Sciences instruments were sold with a validated controller PC that operates on Windows 7. Microsoft ended its 10-year support commitment for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, which means its technical assistance, including updates that help protect against security risks and viruses, will no longer be available. Upgrading your instrument’s controller PC to Windows 10 will help minimize these risks and sustain optimal performance of your instrument. Controller PCs that are not networked or connected to the internet can also have security risks if not upgraded to Windows 10.

Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft. Windows registered trademarks on this page are solely meant to refer to Microsoft’s products in accordance with the terms of Microsoft guidelines.

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