EM-90 Electron Microscopy Rotor 600 µL, 90,000 rpm, 118,000 x g

Product No:347844

EM-90 Electron Microscopy Particle Counting Rotor, Silver Major applications: Sedimenting particles onto filter membranes, glass cover slides, and micropscope grids. For use in Airfuge; Air-Driven Micro-Ultracentrifuges. Includes: 5 mm Sector Core with 600; L capacity (100L per cell) (Part Number 347836), 3 mm Sector Core with 360; L capacity (60; L per cell) (Part Number 347838) Rotor Stand/Vise (Part Number 341252) Rotor Gaskets (Part Number 347840) Sector Core Removal Bolt Template; O-Ring (Part Number 853156) Bushing (Part Number 343197)

€5,852.00 List Price - €5,852.00


Platform Airfuge
Rotor Type Specialty (Ultracentrifugation)
Maximum RPM 90,000 rpm
Max g-Force 118,000.00
k-Factor 19
Number of Tubes 8x1 mL / x mm(8x1 mL / x in)
Nominal Capacity 600 µL
rMAX 13
rMIN 7
rAV 10 mm

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