A-100/18 Fixed-Angle Rotor, 6 x 175 µL, 95,000 rpm, 149,000 x g

Product No:347593

A-100/18 Rotor, Fixed-Angle, Aluminum, Anodized Silver, Major applications: Fast pelleting of very small samples. For use in Airfuge; Air-Driven Micro-Ultracentrifuges.

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Platform Airfuge
Rotor Type Airfuge (Ultracentrifugation)
Maximum RPM 95,000 rpm
Max g-Force 148,000.00
k-Factor 12
Number of Tubes 6x13 mL / x mm(6x13 mL / x in)
Nominal Size 5 x 20 mm
rMAX 14.7
rMIN 9.5
Materials Aluminum-Silver
Package Quantity 1

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