Aluminum Batch Rotor 7 mL, 90,000 rpm, 132,000 x g

Product No:347833

Batch Rotor; Aluminum, Silver; Major applications: Rapid processing of fruit paste. For use in Airfuge; Air-Driven Micro-Ultracentrifuges. Batch rotor, aluminum, for 2 mL to 7 mL volumes. Sample is placed in the rotor body istelf or in one of two types of polyethylene liners. A plastic window disk is placed between the rotor and the lid to contain samples during centrifugation. Includes Rotor Stand/Vise, O-Ring, and Bushing.

€5,723.00 List Price - €5,723.00


Platform Airfuge
Rotor Type Specialty (Ultracentrifugation)
Maximum RPM 90,000 rpm
Max g-Force 132,000.00
Nominal Capacity 7 mL
rMAX 14.6
rMIN 2.5
rAV 8.6 mm
Materials Aluminum

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