TLA-100.3 Fixed-Angle Rotor Package

Product No:349490

TLA-100.3 Rotor Package, Fixed Angle Rotor (30 deg Angle), Titanium. Major Applications: Pelleting of subcellular fractions in 5-30 minutes; pelleting RNA in 1-2 hours; plasmid DNA separation in 6 hours. Note: Non-precipitating solutions up to 1.7 g/mL in density can be run in this rotor without a reduction in rotor speed. For use in the Optima MAX-XP Benchtop Ultracentrifuge, Optima TLX personal micro-ultracentrifuges, and Optima MAX high-capacity personal micro-ultracentrifuges, and the discontinued TL-100 and Optima TL micro-ultracentrifuges.

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Platform Tabletop UCF
Rotor Type Fixed-Angle (Ultracentrifugation)
Angle 30
Maximum RPM 100,000 rpm
Max g-Force 541,000.00
k-Factor 14
Number of Tubes 6x4 mL / 13x51 mm(6x4 mL / 1x2 in)
Caps and Spacers 355937 │ 360270
rMAX 48.3
rMIN 27.5
rAV 37.9 mm
BioSafe Bio-Enhanced
Materials Titanium
Package Quantity 1

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