NVT 100 Near-Vertical Rotor 100.000 rpm, 750.000 x g, 8 x 5.1 mL

Product No:365898

NVT 100 Titanium Rotor Assembly.

Includes: Part Number Description: 366011 Vise Adapter, 858121 Torque Wrench, 976959 Torx Plug-Wrench Adapter, 306812 Spinkote Lubricant, 363304 Overspeed Disks, 100,000 rpm.

Note: Non-precipitating solutions up to 1.7 g/mL in density can be run in this rotor without a reduction in rotor speed. For speed reductions for CsCl prescription, refer to the rotor manual.

For use in Optima-Series ultracentrifuges and/or instruments classified: RS


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Platform Floor Prep
Rotor Type Near-Vertical (Ultracentrifugation)
Angle 8
Maximum RPM 100,000 rpm
Max g-Force 750,000.00
k-Factor 8
Number of Tubes 8x5 mL / 13x51 mm(8x5 mL / 1x2 in)
Caps and Spacers 342883 │ 345827
Nominal Capacity 41 mL
rMAX 67
rMIN 48.3
rAV 57.6 mm
BioSafe Bio-Enhanced
Materials Titanium
Package Quantity 1

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