MLN-80 NVT Rotor Package, 80.000 rpm, 389.000 x g, 8x8 mL

Product No:367100

MLN-80 Rotor Package, Near-Vertical Tube (9 Angle), Titanium. Major applications: Rapid contamination-free isopycnic isolation of plasmid DNA. For use in Optima MAX-XP Benchtop Ultracentrifuges and Optima MAX Ultracentrifuges.

€16,820.00 List Price - €16,820.00


Platform Tabletop UCF
Rotor Type Near-Vertical (Ultracentrifugation)
Maximum RPM 80,000 rpm
Max g-Force 389,000.00
k-Factor 20
Number of Tubes 8x8 mL / x
rMAX 54.2
rMIN 32.5
BioSafe Bio-Enhanced
Materials Titanium
Package Quantity 1

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