Each year, Beckman Coulter scientists present posters on diverse topics at conferences, meetings and symposia around the world. 

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CD chart For identification of cell surface molecules
Efficient Factorial Optimization of Transfection Conditions Poster Automate the creation of 96 factorial combinations of different transfection reagents, concentrations, and cell numbers to improve transfection efficiency
Roche GS FLX Titanium* Rapid Library Preparation Kit Automation Using Biomek® FXp Laboratory Automation Workstation Authors: Ruth Zhang Ph.D. , Zach Smith , Laura Pajak Ph.D. , Keithanne Mockaitis, Ph.D. , John Colbourne Ph.D. , and Alisa Jackson - Beckman Coulter, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana and The Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
Automation of a Cell-Based Screening Assay for Intracellular Apoptosis Activity using the Biomek Assay Workstation Authors: Yu Suen, Ph.D; Keith Roby; Javorka Gunic ; and Graham Threadgill, Ph.D - Biomedical Research Division, Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Analysis of 3’ UTR Modifications Using Streamlined Plasmid Production and Cell Growth Systems PCR and plasmid purification is performed on the Emnetik system, which uses magnetic beads for binding and releasing DNA.

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