Unsere Whitepaper-Bibliothek umfasst eine Reihe von Themen aus den Bereichen Durchflusszytometrie, Laborautomation und Genomics, Zentrifugation sowie Partikelzählung und Partikelcharakterisierung.

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Hypothesis-driven analysis of a 19-color deep immunophenotyping panel using automatic gating In this whitepaper, we demonstrate how Cytobank Automatic gating can be used to faithfully replicate manual gating steps for the identification of cellular subsets.
ClearLLab Control Cells - A Process Control for ClearLLab 10C Application - Whitepaper ClearLLab Control Cells, a liquid preparation of stabilized human erythrocytes and leukocytes (lymphocytes, monocytes and granulocytes).
Retrieve Audit Trail, Sample & Specimen Reports using the CellMek SPS CellMek SPS tracks everything that comes onboard by using a total of eight barcode scanners. This info can be retrieved to provide a full audit trail.
Room Temperature Stable Unitized Reagents for High Content, High Throughput Flow Cytometry Applications Authors: Neha Girish, Jean-Marc R Busnel, Samee Saif, Nathalie Dupas, Tewfik Miloud,Vishakha Mangale, Emmaunel Gautherot, Sridhar Ramanathan
Evaluation of the Analytical Performance of the Aquios CL Flow Cytometer in a Multi-Center Study A multi-center study was conducted to establish the performance of the AQUIOS CL Flow Cytometer with AQUIOS Tetra Panel reagents for lymphocyte subset analysis

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