Streamlined clinical trials: applying rigor in flow cytometry to facilitate therapeutic developments

By Dr. Alina Lelic,

Field Marketing Manager for Flow Cytometry at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Flow cytometry provides an important bioanalysis method that is utilized in the development and evaluation of immunologic therapies.  Characterization of the immune response by flow cytometry provides knowledge of cellular phenotype and function, supporting the development of therapies that beneficially modulate the immune response. 

A current challenge in flow cytometry is the ability to generate rigorous and consistent data. This is often related to workflow inconsistencies and is specifically associated with reagent integrity, sample preparation, data acquisition and data analyses.  

Collectively, the workflow inconsistencies can result in the generation of erroneous biologically relevant data, having direct implications on therapeutic development. As such, it is critical to ensure that the scientific community implements rigor and reproducibility into their flow cytometry workflows to enable scientific excellence, data quality and compliance with regulatory guidelines.

The purpose of this seminar is to provide information and practical solutions on streamlining the workflow to empower the generation of standardized and reproducible flow data specifically in the field of clinical research; starting from sample preparation to data analysis. 

Learning objectives:

  • Demonstrate the requirements for compliant workflows
  • Standardizing experimental workflows within clinical trials
  • Discuss how to implement rigor in clinical trials

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Research Use Only, Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

About the speaker

Dr. Alina Lelic is a field marketing manager for flow cytometry at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. With over 14 years of flow cytometry experience, she has specialized in the study of adaptive immune response in humans to cancers and infectious pathogens, is a trained immunologist, and has had her scientific discoveries published in several peer-reviewed journals. Prior to joining Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, Dr. Lelic led an immune monitoring laboratory at McMaster University.

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