LS 13 320 XR: X-D Array and PIDS Technology

X-D Array laser diffraction gathers information about particle size distribution and measures particles. Particles diffract light at different angles depending on their size – high-angle, low-angle, and mid-angle detectors in the LS 13 320 XR allow different sized particles to be measured accurately.

PIDS, or patented polarization differential scattering, collects additional information and can accurately size particles as small as 10nm. A multi-spectral diffraction light source is sent through a filter wheel, which produces three wavelengths of light filtered for polarization in horizontal and vertical planes. Six PIDS detectors then gather scattered light from 60 degrees to 135 degrees. PIDS technology offers 36 measurements, 6 scattering angles, x3 wavelengths, and x2 polarizations, differentiating between submicron particle sizes and increasing resolution.

Overall, X-D Array laser diffraction plus PIDS technology equals high resolution particle size analysis.