62 mm Diameter Polyterephthalate Bottle Adapter, Quantity of Two

Product No:362750

Adapter for Tubes in Beckman Coulter Rotors High Performance and High Capacity Rotors: JLA-10.500, F10BCI-6x500y, JA-10, JLA-9.1000, JLA-8.1000 Required Adapter for Tubes: (part # 356013) 250 mL Wide Mouth Polycarbonate Bottle with Cap Assemblies (part # 356011) 250 mL Wide Mouth Polypropylene Bottle with Cap Assemblies (part # 363683) 500 mL Adapter (part # 566353) 4 mL Polypropylene Bio-Vial Tube* *BioVials require adapters part # 362750 and 342098 to run in the JLA-10.500 and JA-10 rotors. Two adapters (part # 342098) can be double-stacked inside of one adapter (part # 362750) per rotor cavity if greater capacity is desired.

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