EMnetik Testimonials: DNA Cleanup for Genetic Engineering

Genomics EMnetik PCR Plasmid Purification System“We were most surprised with EMnetik’s robustness. The device moved the beads to the side making it so easy to aspirate.” – Joshua James, Ph.D. Student

“The EMnetik device is nice because the protocol is right there in front of the user on the screen that has step by-step instructions and videos for extra explanations.” – User 1 from MRI Global

“I did prefer the EMnetik System because of its simplicity and efficiency, despite being more familiar with column based protocols.” – User 2 at MRI Global

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EMnetik System Brochure:

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EMnetik System Flyer:

  EMnetik System Flyer and Technical Specs

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EMnetik PCR Cleanup
Data Sheet:

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