Flow Cytometry Panel Design

Backed by well-designed panels and high-quality reagents, multicolor flow cytometry is a powerful technique used to detect and monitor multiple parameters of your sample simultaneously.

However, mastering antibody panel design is no small feat.

We realize that designing and optimizing multicolor immunophenotyping panels can be a time-consuming and iterative process and that some researchers struggle with the uncertainty about the true performance characteristics of the final design.

  • How do I overcome the loss of sensitivity that occurs when combining fluorescent dyes for multicolor detection?
  • Is it always advantageous to use the brightest dyes for every marker?
  • How do I incorporate instrument characteristics and biological considerations into my panel design to maximize the sensitivity required to detect low abundance and rare populations?
  • For answers to these (and many more) questions, here’s a collection of tools and resources that can ease the complexity and help you overcome the challenges of designing your flow cytometry panels.