HarvestLine System

Labware is only the beginning when it comes to obtaining results in the lab. Safe, efficient workflows are as critical to your work as quality samples.  Now you can harvest high-quality samples in fewer steps from prep to cleanup with Beckman Coulter’s HarvestLine System.

Using the HarvestLine System in your lab removes the need for non-value-added centrifugation steps such as extra spins, bottle cleaning, bottle scraping, and added time for freeze/thaw lysis. In addition, the medical-grade polyurethane material is flexible and capable of storing samples more efficiently. Liners are available in sterile and non-sterile.

Ideal applications for Beckman Coulter bottle liners include:  Harvesting bacterial and yeast cultures, Lysate clarification, isolation or recovery of vaccine components, cell and debris sedimentation, microparticle pelleting, protein separations, bacterial cell pelleting, and clarification of tissue homogenates.

In the table below, select the HarvestLine kit compatible with your instrument and rotor. Refer to product pages for kit contents.

How to Use HarvestLine System Liners


HarvestLine System Product Features

Reduce Biologics Exposure

One-way seal/valve reduces liquid spillage to minimize personnel exposure to biologics.

Minimize Sample Contamination Risks

HarvestLine bottle liners maximize biocompatibility, preventing contamination of valuable samples.

Save Freezer Space

Flexible polyurethane material enables compact storage when freezing or transporting samples.

Optimize Workflows & Applications

Eliminate scrapping: pellets reside in liners for easy removal from the bottle.

Explore HarvestLine System Components

Explore More Tubes & Bottles

Tube & Bottle Selection Guide

Choosing the right tube or bottle for your protocol can be challenging. Considering your requirements and these factors will make your selection easier. 

Harvest Line System Liners

Bottle liners to help you harvest high-quality samples in fewer steps from prep to cleanup.

Open Top Tubes

 Single-use and reusable open top tubes in multiple material types and volume ranges for easy sample loading and recovery.

Sealing Tubes

OptiSeal and Quick Seal tubes provide a fast, reliable seal every time, with no tools, heat or closure verification required.

Specialty Tubes

Specialty tubes include stainless steel for chemical and heat-sensitive applications, single-use transparent tubes and more

Bottles & Large Volume Tubes

Centrifugation bottles for an array of applications, such as large-volume pelleting, protein purification, DNA isolation or sample storage.

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