CellMek SPS System: Specimen Traceability

Quality driven requirements are a must, and it is more important than ever that sample integrity is maintained even through the most challenging testing environments. The CellMek SPS System traces specimen & sample output tubes.

To support labs on their compliance journey, the system offers flexibility and two specimen-to-output tube assignment options.

CellMek SPS Auto assignment mode for output tubes

1. Auto Assignment Mode

Linear barcodes uniquely identify:

  • Input cassette
  • Specimen tube
  • Output carousel
  • Output sample tube

Auto assigned output tubes are ready to be transferred and analyzed on a flow cytometer.

2. Barcode Assignment Mode

The barcode assigned mode allows the user to specify the output tubes (daughter tubes) that will be used to receive the prepared sample for a specific specimen.

The user can place a specimen-panel assignment barcode on the output tubes along with human-readable information (such as specimen ID, panel name, tube name, or other identifiers) used in the lab to identify samples.

2D specimen tracking barcode

In this mode, completed panels are transferred only to the output tubes with matching specimen IDs and panel codes (read from the specimen-panel assignment barcode).

CellMek SPS input samples with specimen IDs assigned CellMek SPS Multi ID Assignment - output carousel with 2D barcodes
CellMek SPS Multi ID Assignment software screenshot listing specimen IDs

When set to Barcode Assigned, the screen will show the samples that are being processed and it will also show the output tube IDs where the samples will be transferred.

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